4 Types of Light Fitting Repairs in Melbourne That Need An Electrician

What happens when your antique and even ultra-modern lighting units won’t work? You need to call in experienced light fitting repairs Melbourne technicians with a thorough understanding of how different lighting systems work. Primarily, you need a lighting repair expert that can quickly identify the light distribution techniques in different lighting units as well as how much light a unit loses through reflection and absorption. It is vital that your repair technician understands these two concepts as they ultimately affect the quality of the different types of repairs. You, therefore, need an electrical expert for lighting problems affecting these two lighting fields. Here are four more types of light fitting repairs that need an electrical repairs expert.

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  1. Power cord replacement for electric bulbs

When were your bulb’s cords condition last inspected? With age, the power cords to the lamps and other light units around the house become stiff and brittle. In most cases, the cable eventually cracks creating the danger of flaking off the wires, a situation that may lead to shocks or even a fire hazard. While most people will run for an insulation tape, it is advisable that you call in light fitting repair experts. They are best suited to offer guidance on the right type of power cord for the light unit depending on the bulb watts as well as experienced enough to identify quality power cable brands.

  1. Antique lamps maintenance

Most modern lamps have standardised watts usage limits, come fitted with standard power cords, and follow a conventional light distribution technique. On the other hand, the antique lamps and other lighting units are uniquely designed and require an experienced electrician to determine their power watts usage and match it with the necessary power cords if they are to function effectively. You will also need a light fitting repairs Melbourne technician when moving houses for removal and refitting of these antique lamps when moving houses.

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  1. Replacement of faulty table lamp sockets

Table lamp sockets aren’t impervious to faults and breakages. But as any experienced light fitting repairs expert would advise, in most cases the problem lies with the switch inside. Nonetheless, the only solution lies with the socket replacement. Attempts to dismantle the switch can cause further damages to the system leading to even more costly repairs or irreparable damages to the lamp. It is, therefore, advisable that you have it attended to by professional light fitters in Melbourne.

  1. Light units and bulbs repositioning

The efficiency of any light bulb is to a large extent determined by its positioning around the home. While some are supposed to reflect directly onto the working space, some are meant to bounce off their light from the ceilings or wall hangings. Depending on the quality of materials used, a proficient light fitting repairs Melbourne expert can comfortably advise of the correct application of different lamps as well as assist with their repositioning.


Hiring a qualified light fitting repairs expert to assist with various light problems can be quite not only saves you the time you would spend learning how to do it as well as the costs associated with the purchase of tools. It also shields you from accidental and more expensive, sometimes irreparable, damages to your lighting units and bulbs.