8 Reasons to Upgrade to LED light fittings

LED light fittings have taken centre stage in the world of lights for the many environmental and consumer benefits it offers. It plays a major part in the global revolution to create a sustainable lighting solution, proven by the fact that an increasing number of private and public sector establishments now use LED light fittings.

It’s not surprising, considering the pace at which Led lighting instalment prices are dropping, giving all the more reasons for business, institutions, public sectors and house makers to consider an upgrade to LED light fittings for the following reasons.

  1. Better, white lighting

LED lighting provides for superior visibility with its crisp and white lighting that imitates natural light, unlike the yellow and dim light of older lighting options. This is why LED lights are used in headlights and streetlights for improved vision at night and to reduce the glare of oncoming traffic. LED lights are also used in indoor settings for its natural light.

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  1. Save money

LED lightings offer a significant financial advantage over other lighting options. These lights last for about 50,000 hours which is six times longer than fluorescent lights and twenty times longer than incandescent lights.

So if you use your LED light for 8 hours a day, you needn’t change it for another 20 years! So unlike other lighting options, there’s no worry of switching lights every now and then and thus save money.

  1. Improved health

LED lights don’t flicker, which can be helpful to those migraine sufferers who get irritated and headaches with flickered lights. Besides as LED lights to mimic natural lights, exposure to both natural and LED lighting promotes a healthy and regular circadian rhythm.

  1. Energy-efficient

Unlike incandescent lights that use only 20% of energy for light production and 80% of energy is lost as heat, LED lights to lose less than 10% of energy as heat and uses 90% of energy for light production. This means it uses ten times less energy than other lighting options, which is the reason why you will notice a substantial reduction in your utility bills when you upgrade to LED lights.

  1. No sounds

Most residential CFL fixtures produce an irritating humming and buzzing sound caused by its magnetic ballast or transformer. However LED lights to work without producing any irritating sounds at all, making it much more pleasant to have around the home.

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  1. Safe

As LED lights convert minimal energy to heat, there’s no worry of the bulb getting hot with use, and anyone accidentally burning their fingers by touching it. Besides as they remain relatively cool when in use, there are also no chances of them triggering fires.

  1. Environmentally friendly

LED lights are environmentally friendly as they don’t contain dangerous Mercury vapour. Besides, they are manufactured using 100% recyclable materials and don’t end up in landfills like traditional bulbs do.

  1. Instant light

Last but not least, LED light bulbs to reach full brightness instantly. There’s no need of waiting for the light to switch on, as you wait for CLF lights!

Looking at these 8 benefits, it goes without saying that an upgrade to LED light fittings is well worth it. While you may have to initially spend money on the fixtures and your electrical contractors for its installation, the ROI of the light makes it well worth it!