A Handyman Tells All About His “ 9 Wonders of Summer” – in Detail

Summer’s always welcomed with a smile.The rays just seem to brighten everybody’ mood as if by default.With the season’s splendor available in abundant heaps – the sweltering heat can rise to proportions high enough to get you marching into a hardware store to buy a ceiling fan – before you even have the option to think twice.

Ceiling fan installation is no walk in the park – but the cool refreshing breeze is worth it! The luxury to cool down in the comfort of your home quickly turns into a necessity. But with weary handymen taking advantage of those short of a toolkit & a step ladder – logic pushes you to take matters of installation into your own hands. So the question is; how do you get to install the ceiling fan successfully and not have it falling on anyone’s head during Thanksgiving?

Here’s what You Need

  • A Ceiling Fan
  • A Wrench
  • A medallion
  • Glue
  • Ceiling box
  • T-Grid bar hanger
  • A screwdriver
  • Extra wires (optional)

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How you can install ceiling fan by yourself?

  1. Turn off the power for the whole of your house in your circuit box.
  2. Get on your step ladder. Remove your pre-existing light, light fixture etc. but leave the wiring from the cable in place
  3. Attach ceiling box. Check with your manufacturer’s instructions that you are using the correct ceiling box. The best one we’ve found for you is the 4 in. Ceiling Box with T-Grid Bar Hanger.It supports weights up to 50 lbs & grips hard. For optimal results – place the ceiling box attached to the grid from on top of the ceiling and use the threaded supports in the grid to wedge between two of the parallel pieces of wood that support the structure of your ceiling – called joists. If you can’t get on top, you can easily push it through the existing hole & rotate it until the steel blades in the grid cut into the joists & lock in place.
  4. Make sure that your ceiling box can hang through your ceiling low enough to adjoin the light fixture. If you are using an old light fixture – make sure nothing is connected to it i.e, bulbs or wiring. Once that is sorted connect one side of the light fixture to the grid. Allowing the wires from the cable to suspend freely for a few inches
  5. Glue in your medallion – but make sure that the ceiling box & wires from your cables are suspended through it (I cannot stress this enough)
  6. Now get on the floor & disassemble your ceiling fan. Connect your wiring to the ceiling fans motor – after putting them in place – place the canopy on top of the motor in order to close it. Move the wires through the canopy hole & through a down-rod pipe. Adjoin the down-rod pipe to the top of the motor by using a wrench on the screws on the sides to lock it in place.
  7. Have someone help you while you are on the step ladder, to hold up one side of the fan towards the ceiling – now connect your wires respectively to the wires hanging through a cable in the ceiling – where you have your ceiling box placed.
  8. Now attach the ceiling fan blades to the rest of your ceiling fan.Use the screws provided for your unit to fasten the blades to the fan
  9. Let there be light – light up & enjoy the rest of your summer & your new ceiling fan installation

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