Air Conditioning Repair 101: The Unit Won’t Turn On

Our air conditioning unit is equipment that we cannot live without. Whether at home or at work, our bodies long for the comfort it gives. That is why we make sure that our ACU functions properly and efficiently. However, there will come a time when our good old ACU will begin to feel “tired”.

An air conditioning unit that is not regularly cleaned will surely gather dust and dirt and will clog your unit, causing poor cooling function. Over time, your unit will be hard up until it will just stop working.  To avoid complications in the future, it is best to make it a habit to clean your air conditioning unit regularly. Give particular attention to its filters and coils. Cleanliness of these parts greatly affects the quality of air your ACU emits.

What are you supposed to do now that your air conditioning unit won’t turn on? Instinctively you check if the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet. If it is plugged, then look for ac troubleshooting.

Check the condenser outside – is it working? Inspect the thermostat: it might not be set properly to cool. Setting the thermostat to five to ten degrees lower might be the answer.

If these things do not solve the problem, I suggest that you go over the fuse or circuit breaker, either they are blown or tripped. These do-it-yourself tricks are helpful for the neophyte in you, simple and easy to do.

After looking at the above suggestions and still your beloved ACU isn’t working, it’s time to go to the manual.

The Owner’s Manual can give us the solution to some of our ACU’s problems, but it is not a “know-it-all” thing. Maybe it is human nature that we try to find the possible solutions to the problems of the world that we tend to speed things up, avoid the hassle of calling the more experienced aircon technician. In other words, we try to fix what’s wrong with the ACU on our own. And if we are not knowledgeable enough, oftentimes the problem becomes worse, so we finally give in and contact the nearest available help – the air conditioning specialists.

An experienced technician gives you with details on why your unit isn’t turning on and then provides a solution –whether to repair or replace, just to mention a few.

After checking your unit, he may notice some problems such as a frozen coil, as well as issues of the compressor and motor. Since these parts are sealed components, calling Mr Aircon Specialist is a great decision. Trust him to provide the solution and bring back your ACU in its good working condition, never mind the fees his expertise entails. After all, we will get what we pay for his services. Nice one, huh?

In the end, whether we fix it ourselves or have it serviced by a competent serviceman, what is important is that we brought back our good old air conditioning unit to its usual self. Yay!

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