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A Complete Guide to Gas Heater Usage and Its Pros and Cons

We have come far beyond typical fireplaces when it comes to warming up our living space. We now use electricity, sun, and gas too. Gas heating has especially gained a lot of attention because of its efficiency. In the following paragraphs, you`ll see the most important things you have to know about it.

Before you purchase the heater

There are two main models of gas heaters. One has 80% efficiency. It is cheap but not good for a long-term period because it would require a lot of replacement and additional investment due to low-quality materials.

The other type of heater with 90% efficiency is more expensive. But it pays off because it will last longer and saves more energy. This automatically turns into lower electricity bills.

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Cleaner means faster

If you noticed that your heater doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, you should probably check ac filters. They are susceptible to getting dirty. This leads to clogging and various malfunctions that thwart the optimal functioning of the gas heater.

You also have to clean the furnace. First, ensure your safety and turn off all the power sources and gas. Then, take the dust off from the pipes, outside gas heater metal as well as in the room itself. You are free to use the vacuum cleaner for this with the brush extension you usually get for it.

Proceed on to the blower. It usually has a panel you have to take off or a sliding system for easy care. Afterwards, take a stiff brush and take care of the heat exchanger. Pre-check its warmth to make sure you can work on it.

Programme the thermostat correctly

Think of the thermostat as a remote control of your gas heater. If its system is not adjusted in the right way, the system won’t work. If the main source of its power is batteries, change them twice a year. WiFi can nowadays charge the thermostat too. This is very economical and takes one worry away from your mind away.

Pipes can’t have cracks and dirt either

Sometimes it happens that the duct seems get lose. If you notice this, fix it as soon as possible with a mastic. As you clean the pipes from the outside, you have to clean them from the inside too. Unless you are sure that the vacuum hose fits them, don’t falter from calling professionals who can do the work for you.

Pros and cons of the gas heater

With natural gas heaters, there are fewer chances of the tear and wear situation. You will not have to turn it off and on and keep them working for a long time to reach the desired temperature. It needs only 30 minutes to generate enough heat for your entire home. This speed is its best asset as it also lowers your bill.

On the other hand, although gas heaters are energy-efficient, they are not better than a solar energy system. Also, this system requires constant maintenance and complicated installation that is very costly.

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Benefits Of A Ducted Heating System

Ducted gas heating is a system which utilizes ducts to pass the heat throughout a home. It is a central kind of warming, and its main component is the heating unit (located in a central location.)The insulated ducts are connected to various parts of the house this ensuring even distribution of heat. Also, the ducted heating system has controls which allow homeowners to set the desired temperatures for the entire home. Ducted heating cost-effective and efficient for any household. In this modern era, it is one of the most preferred heating systems. Besides the ducted heating cost which is friendly, the system has numerous advantages. Below, are others outlined benefits of the heating system.

Owing to its ducts which are spread through the whole house, a ducted gas heating system can conveniently emit heat for an entire home, regardless of its size. Unlike another system which only provides warmth to a single room, the system is designed for other households. This is very efficient for homes located in icy regions and cannot survive without heat in either part of the room.

The ducted heating cost is friendly and also environmental friendly. The overall cost of setting up the system including the maintenance cost is efficient. Its maintenance system is cheap considering homeowners have the option to regulate the heat. For instance, families who are always leaving the house can control the system in a way that will prevent the wastage of energy. Subsequently, this will ensure that the energy bill is not too high. During the installation, it is, however, crucial to provide that the ducts and vents are tightly sealed, and filters are well put. Doing this will make sure that the system runs at an optimal rate without wastage of gas energy.

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The ducted heating cost to install is cheap and easy. It takes a short time to put up the ducts and cables. The installation is flexible and therefore suitable for any home regardless of its size, the Ducted heating system can be put up in any house ranging from apartments to huge bungalows. The various equipment used to set up the system is also pocket-friendly and readily available in multiple stores. Nonetheless, it is essential to do a thorough background check to get the best type of ducted heating system.

The system also allows a user to separate the controls of each room within the house. This technique will ensure that the heat is emitted only on the rooms which are being occupied and used. In the end, the homeowner will save energy and subsequently save the funds used for electricity bills.

Unlike other heating systems which only operate in specific conditions, ducted heating system functions in any environment. The system is strong enough to withstand any harsh weather. The ducted heating system ensures that the temperatures within the house are constant and convenient depending on the specifications of the homeowner.

The ducted heating system emits fresh and good quality air which may not make any house stuffy. Most heating systems always cause bacterial diseases since they continuously emit lousy quality air that generates bacteria which subsequently causes flu-like diseases. A ducted heating system does not release dry heat which creates the conditions mentioned above. The air is filtered through installed, clean filters that trap large particles. The filters also make sure that only quality air passes through the insulated ducts.

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Why To Install Ducted Heating at Home

Swing the climate in one click

“Hurry up mornings, busy buzzing afternoons, late return evenings and sleepless nights”- well this phrase is almost enough to describe the current status of lifestyle for the people of 21st century. Each and everyone is seeking for the ultimate pleasure in life; money. They do not have the time to breathe or wonder neither they have time to spend at home. Though is situation have contradicted with a similar rising business of home Services. The most demanding and rising platform for the new beginners in business to step into the world of home services are now open and readily accepted by the customers as nowadays they want to spend more time with family and keep them in a relaxation mood.

Improvement of home and its atmosphere is a very important way towards luxury and peace. “Neither too cold nor too warm” is the term to describe the weather one wants after the busy day. For such a peaceful and soothing experience in home ducted heating can be stimulated to improve the weather conditions in the home. Ducted heating is the way-out from too cold or too hot environment in the home.

What is ducted heating?

To create a suitable climate in the home and make it warm ducted heating is the modern approach of centrally heating the home. These technologically advanced conditioners are subjected to heat the rooms of a single house evenly and equally to create soothing and warm atmos. Just with the click of one switch the house gets the perfect climate. Ducted gas heater circulates the warm air evenly throughout the home according to its power and efficiency.

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The ducted heating cost is an issue for the families why they are not able to improve home conditions. Being a centrally controlled technology ducted heating cost is a bit expensive and so some people don’t show interest to improve their home condition by installing the ducted heating system. According to the latest updates, the cost of ducted heating along with its installation is somehow about $5400 for an 8.0KW Samsung ducted heater. This expensive ducted heating cost keeps most people out of this pleasant opportunity to make a warm environment at home and improve the home atmosphere. Along with the furniture and decorations, the need for the installation of ducted heating is also quite important for home improvement.

Why install ducted heating at home?

People need to understand that the installation of ducted heating costs high but the running cost of ducted heating per is the year is very cheap and easily affordable. It has the cheapest running cost anyone can find ever with a maximum expense of $200 per year. However, the ducted heater needs servicing after regular 18 months and that too is not costly. So it is clear that one-time investment to make a new approach toward the improvement of home can lead to utmost comfort. According to a common point of view, we can find easily that one-time installation of ducted heating is a little expensive although the maintenance, servicing and running costs are relatively cheapest one. Without any hesitation to make certain improvement and enjoy the perfect climate at your home install ducted heating today.

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Why You Should Call An Expert For Air conditioning Repair and Services

The idea of a cooling effect in hot weather conditions is not new and has been around for a very long time. Air conditioners have over time been associated with apartments and hotels as well as official government buildings. They have been known as appliances of a certain class and level that not most are able to afford. Fortunately, technicians specializing in the installation, repair, and maintenance of these appliances have sprung up, bringing the option of affordability within reach of the middle class of people as well. This opportunity has led to the extension of these appliances to households and not just the government buildings and hotels as was the norm before.

Air conditioners work in the same way as a refrigerator. The difference being that a refrigerator cools a certain compartment whereas the air conditioners cool entire rooms depending on the size. Air conditioners are normally attached to the walls from where they carry out their function. In addition to cooling, air conditioners heat up rooms as well. This makes them an almost necessary appliance to the household in places and regions where the weather conditions are harsh.

However, unlike some appliances that do not require servicing and maintenance, for example, television sets and home theatre systems, air conditioners require servicing and maintenance to keep them working in a proper desired state. Think of it this way, you call up an electrician to repair your refrigerator when its cooling effect has gone down. You do so because you want to keep it performing in its perfect state.

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Repairing, servicing and maintaining an air conditioner is not a job for your average electrician despite the appliance being in his field of operation. The job of repairing these appliances lies in the hands of technicians who specialize in the field of air conditioners. Fortunately for you the homeowner, your ‘go to’ refrigerator specialist can repair and fix any issues that arise with the air conditioner as both the refrigerator and air conditioner operate in the same way.

It is advisable that you keep in close contact with the people that sold the air conditioner to you as should any issues arise, they are your first point of reference from which you can proceed to repair and service your appliance. Furthermore signing up for an air conditioner repairs workshop that specializes in air conditioners is advisable as that will save you the trouble of dealing with sale oriented appliance retailers.

As a precaution, the appliance should be used only when it is necessary not only to cut on costs of your electricity bill but to harness its effective use. Also, installation of the appliance should be against a wall and in a position where it will evenly distribute coolness to the room. Remote controlled conditioners should have their remotes kept a safe distance from young children who would otherwise not understand the proper role the appliance plays but rather see it as another appliance to play with thereby leading to its slow depreciation.

In summary, for any desired installation and use of an air conditioner, a contact for a repairman specific to the appliance should be kept.


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A Handyman Tells All About His “ 9 Wonders of Summer” – in Detail

Summer’s always welcomed with a smile.The rays just seem to brighten everybody’ mood as if by default.With the season’s splendor available in abundant heaps – the sweltering heat can rise to proportions high enough to get you marching into a hardware store to buy a ceiling fan – before you even have the option to think twice.

Ceiling fan installation is no walk in the park – but the cool refreshing breeze is worth it! The luxury to cool down in the comfort of your home quickly turns into a necessity. But with weary handymen taking advantage of those short of a toolkit & a step ladder – logic pushes you to take matters of installation into your own hands. So the question is; how do you get to install the ceiling fan successfully and not have it falling on anyone’s head during Thanksgiving?

Here’s what You Need

  • A Ceiling Fan
  • A Wrench
  • A medallion
  • Glue
  • Ceiling box
  • T-Grid bar hanger
  • A screwdriver
  • Extra wires (optional)

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How you can install ceiling fan by yourself?

  1. Turn off the power for the whole of your house in your circuit box.
  2. Get on your step ladder. Remove your pre-existing light, light fixture etc. but leave the wiring from the cable in place
  3. Attach ceiling box. Check with your manufacturer’s instructions that you are using the correct ceiling box. The best one we’ve found for you is the 4 in. Ceiling Box with T-Grid Bar Hanger.It supports weights up to 50 lbs & grips hard. For optimal results – place the ceiling box attached to the grid from on top of the ceiling and use the threaded supports in the grid to wedge between two of the parallel pieces of wood that support the structure of your ceiling – called joists. If you can’t get on top, you can easily push it through the existing hole & rotate it until the steel blades in the grid cut into the joists & lock in place.
  4. Make sure that your ceiling box can hang through your ceiling low enough to adjoin the light fixture. If you are using an old light fixture – make sure nothing is connected to it i.e, bulbs or wiring. Once that is sorted connect one side of the light fixture to the grid. Allowing the wires from the cable to suspend freely for a few inches
  5. Glue in your medallion – but make sure that the ceiling box & wires from your cables are suspended through it (I cannot stress this enough)
  6. Now get on the floor & disassemble your ceiling fan. Connect your wiring to the ceiling fans motor – after putting them in place – place the canopy on top of the motor in order to close it. Move the wires through the canopy hole & through a down-rod pipe. Adjoin the down-rod pipe to the top of the motor by using a wrench on the screws on the sides to lock it in place.
  7. Have someone help you while you are on the step ladder, to hold up one side of the fan towards the ceiling – now connect your wires respectively to the wires hanging through a cable in the ceiling – where you have your ceiling box placed.
  8. Now attach the ceiling fan blades to the rest of your ceiling fan.Use the screws provided for your unit to fasten the blades to the fan
  9. Let there be light – light up & enjoy the rest of your summer & your new ceiling fan installation

We are Quick Spark electrical services, specialized in residential, commercial and industrial electrical services provides services all over Australia . Contact us on 1300 265 751  we are available 24 hours a week to assist you in all emergency situations.

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The Reasons to Hire an Electrical Repair Man

Doing your own electrical work can seem like a great idea at the time, fast forward a few months or even weeks. You’ve had a disaster, the things you thought you’d fixed have broken, you’ve wasted your time and also your efforts. Realistically how much would it have cost to just hire electrical contractors to do the job properly and how much time would you have saved.

The first thing to think about his personal safety, electrical jobs are slightly different to painting your house or basic DIY. Do you really have the skills and experience to be carrying out these jobs yourself? Not only that, but most electrical work has to be tested to prove to the relevant authorities and housing agencies that it is safe for living.

Another is doing you really want to spend time fiddling around with electronics, wires and putting yourself in a dangerous situation. DIY can be fun, if you’re upcycling a piece of furniture, painting a room or doing something creative, carrying out electrical repairs, not so much. Decide if this is really something you want to commit time to.

You get an electrical engineer in because they know things that you don’t know, more often than not, our knowledge of how things work in the electrical sense is very limited. You hire a professional because they have the expertise to carry out the job.

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Although you may think it is going to be a hugely expensive task, often if you explain your budget to a professional they will do their best to meet it. It does go without saying, that if your budget is super cheap, are you really getting the best value for your money though? Paying someone as mentioned earlier means paying for their experience and that does not come dirt cheap. If you really want to get the most for your money and are thinking about hiring a repairman, consider bundling the jobs together, paying the electrician an hourly rate and getting them to do a few at once.

Also, make sure you get prepared before they arrive, any minor inconveniences that the electrician has to deal with means the longer that they are going to take, therefore costing you more money. Prepare a list of things that you want doing and be precise with your instructions so they know exactly what they are doing and can’t stray from the list, costing you more money. It is also advisable to put away any fragile items or anything of value so that they aren’t clumsy and break them.

You shouldn’t need someone to warn you of the risks that come along with tampering with electrical equipment when you are unqualified. Household electrics carry a dangerous level of amps that is enough to seriously injure you. This is not a task that should be dealt with lightly

and if you are going to do it yourself you really need to consider the risks. Hiring electrical contractors by far the safer option and something that is recommended over trying to implement the repairs yourself.

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What Should You Do to Rewiring an Old Home

Older houses were constructed long before the popularity of security systems, computers, and televisions. Not surprisingly, they might be ill-advised or even risky to install such devices in a house with old wiring. Although you prefer an old-fashioned home, the wiring system does not need to be like that. In other words, a totally rewiring home can be a good way to use modern electronic technology and appliances.

  1. Electrical panel

Electricity in our home is generally conducted by a lot of small branch circuits. Most modern houses come with at least 16 120-V circuits for small appliances and lighting and 2 240-V circuits for other heavy-duty appliances. For older houses, it is still possible not to have a 240-V capacity.

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A circuit is protected against electricity overload, which would result in fire, sparks, or overheating, by fuses or circuit breakers. Therefore, your house will definitely have a fuse box or circuit breaker where the wiring starts. Just like anything, those units might wear out and increase the risks of safety hazards over time. It is necessary to take notice of any indications of device failure, particularly when your home is old. Issues such as power outages, buzzing sounds, and tripping wires could be the signs of some serious problems and need to be resolved by a professional electrician.

  1. Service capacity

In general, old houses are not constructed to handle those common demands of electrical technology today. Many of these come with 60-A service, while modern homes are designed with at least 100-A service. In most cases, 60-A service is not optimized for usability and safety. Several insurance firms often charge a greater premium or won’t insure houses with 60-A service.

The electricity needs of a house are often related directly to its size and number of electrical appliances. Basically, a service that is less than 100A might be not enough, particularly when the air conditioning is turned on or major devices are electric. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the wiring so that it would handle all appliances.

  1. Wiring

Most houses constructed after the 60s often come with insulated cables, along with grounded wires. Some older houses, particularly those constructed before 1945, might have a tube-and-knob system. A couple of house constructed between the 60s and 70s might have aluminium wiring, which would be more susceptible to common hazards. In most cases, older houses are more vulnerable to the wiring system that has deteriorating and inadequate insulation. Old houses were constructed before the best practices were inspected and codified, so these electrical systems might not live up the current electrical codes.

Most of the modern houses come with a minimum number of receptacles that are dictated by the current standard. Some of them, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, have ground fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs. Those units are able to provide protection against electrocution and high currents. While nearly all older houses are only installed with 2-slot and ungrounded outlets, those units in modern houses come with a third or even fourth one.

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Home Repairs Preparation and Safety Checklist

Even though you have many years of experience with DIY home repairs, it is still recommended to use the following checklist to ensure the safety:

  1. Organize the tools

Separate all tools based on their type and make sure to store and return them to a specific box. If your vision is low, consider wrapping contrasting-coloured electrical or plastic tape around the handles to make it easier to notice as well as increase the contrast with the working surface.

  1. Organize your working area

Before getting starting with any home electrical repair projects, make sure to collect and have all equipment and tools sorted and arranged in advance. To keep important equipment and items together, you would put all materials in a cardboard box or a large tray, organized in an order that you are going to use them. In addition, keep in mind to decide if you need to use a tape, paper towels, water, wastebasket, or other materials that might help you finish the task.

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  1. Protect the eyes

No matter what your visual status (low vision, visually impaired, or blind) is, always make sure to wear safety glasses that are impact-resistant and completely protect the whole eyes, including enclosing the eye area and covered along the top edge and sides of your lenses.

  1. Protect the ears

When you are planning to do some DIY tasks with an electric saw, drill, or other kinds of power tools, make sure to protect your ears with earmuffs or foam earplugs.

  1. Examine the lighting

If your vision is low, ensure that the lighting around the working location offers adequate illumination. A bulb or lamp that is designed with a flexible arm is often a great option since you would change the direction of the lighting as you want. Considering adding some wheels if you need to move around the working area.

  1. Use a device with a low vision

Consult with the low vision specialist or eye doctor to decide whether a low vision tool like a magnifier, might be useful for several home repair projects.

  1. Take the energy source into consideration

No matter if you are fixing the light switch or replacing a washer in the faucet, make sure to disconnect or turn off the right utility. For instance, if you are trying a water-related task, keep in mind to cut the main supply before getting started. Similarly, make sure to turn off the power source before starting an electrical repair project.

  1. Use the right extension cord

The thickness of the extension cords should be greater or equivalent to the ones on the power tools. Otherwise, they would overheat and lead to severe burns or even fire.

  1. Request help if necessary

When the repair tasks are so complicated or large, it is necessary to ask for help from other people or even experienced experts. By working with the professionals, you can have a chance to learn and improve specific skills related to home repairs so that you could do it on your own the next time.

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DIY Light Switch Wiring

If your light switch fails to work, then you should replace it as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences. Most people assume that wiring a light switch is a complicated process, and therefore end up hiring a technician. However, you do not require any technical skills to wire a light switch. You only need some basic tools like a screwdriver, and you are good to go. Once you have the necessary tools and the switch that you want to install, this guide will provide you with all the information you need.

Switch off the Power at the Main Circuit Breaker

Before you can start the process, you need to switch off the power, to avoid electrical shock. Once you have switched off the power, remove the switch plate and then use a voltage tester to ensure there is no power flowing through the circuit.

Remove the Switch

Having ensured the circuit is dead, unscrew the switch from the switch box and then remove the attached wires. As you remove the wires, you will notice that two of them are attached to the switch. There is an incoming black wire, a black or red return wire and sometimes an earth wire, which can be either green, yellow or green with yellow stripes. You might find other wires in the switch box. However, you should only limit yourself to those connected directly to the switch. You may also encounter a white wire sealed with a black tape. The tape is a sign that the white wire is being used as a coloured wire, which means its neutral.

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Compare the Two Switches

As you install the switch, compare it with the old one to locate the electrical switch connectors. Since you have switched off the power, you can match up the two connectors easily. Don’t disconnect all the wires at once, since you might end up confused. Disconnect and connect one at a time.

Connect the Wires

Attach the wires to their specific locations and ensure they match the old switch. To connect a wire, peel off at least half an inch of insulation. You can easily do this using a wire stripper or even pliers. Twist the end of the wire to form a clockwise loop using long-nose pliers. Ensure the loop wraps at least two-thirds of the terminal but should not exceed three-quarters. Connect the wire to the screw through a clockwise approach. Once you tighten the screw, the clockwise force of the screw makes it tighter. It is important to ensure that the wire is as tight as possible around the screw since loose connections can trigger an electric fire.

Return the Switch

After inspecting the wired connections and ensuring everything is as it was on the old switch, return the new one to the switch box. Fasten the screws and again ensure it is tightly positioned on the switchboard. Return the switch plate and then switch on the power. Check your switch to ensure everything is working, as it should.

As you can see, you don’t have to be an electrician to wire a light switch. You just need the right tools for the job. If you follow the above instructions carefully, you no longer have to hire a technician to replace your light switches.


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Signs the Electrician You Hired is a Scam

It doesn’t matter how great the quality of work that went into your home’s electrical systems upon installation: at some point, you as a homeowner will have to deal with problems that will require electrical repairs. And when that time comes, you’ll need to call for Melbourne electrician.

To ensure the quality of the electrical repairs in your home, you’ll need a quality electrician east Melbourne at the right cost. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell if your electrical contractor Melbourne is going to provide solid work or will just scam you. Read on to learn about signs that the electrician you hired might be a scam.

1. They pressure you into hiring them with scare tactics and an exaggerated worst-case scenario

Scamming electricians will quickly (and sometimes haphazardly) look at the electrical repairs required in your home and put pressure on you by claiming that if you don’t get the problems fixed immediately by him, you will encounter a whole host of bigger problems, perhaps even putting yourself and the residents of your home in danger.

It’s this kind of fear-mongering that you shouldn’t fall for. Remember that a quality electrician with good intentions will calmly explain the situation to you, instead of hyping up the possible dangers and worst-case scenario.
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2. The electrician keeps changing the costs for the project and won’t provide a proper breakdown of his cost proposal

Any electrician who refuses to submit a cost breakdown for the work he is proposing is already pretty dubious. Additionally, if he only gives you an estimated total cost for the electrical repairs your home needs, and you find that this total cost changes continuously, you might have a scammer in your hands.

A professional electrician will first do a thorough inspection and review of the electrical problems in your home and provide a recommendation for the fixes he’ll need to make, which will include a detailed breakdown of the costs that will be incurred. If the electrician you want to hire can’t seem to come up with a proper cost proposal, you might be dealing with someone incompetent or worse, a scammer.

3. Your electrician wants to get paid upfront for the project

When you are availing of a service, the common practice is to provide payment after the service has been made, not before. This is true for electricians as well. If your electrician is claiming he needs the payment for your project upfront, asking for credit card details upon your first meeting or saying they’ll need the payment in a cast before they start getting work done, you are likely to be dealing with a scheming electrician. Remember: never pay for a service that has yet to be provided, and never provide your credit card details until it’s time to pay.

4. Your electrician keeps talking in technical terms you don’t understand

Good, well-meaning residential electrical contractors will be able to explain the electrical problems in your home in simple, non-technical terms to his clients, instead of spewing jargon a non-electrician wouldn’t understand. This is a technique some scheming electricians do in order to confuse their clients into agreeing to their price and awarding them the project.

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