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4 Types of Light Fitting Repairs in Melbourne That Need An Electrician

What happens when your antique and even ultra-modern lighting units won’t work? You need to call in experienced light fitting repairs Melbourne technicians with a thorough understanding of how different lighting systems work. Primarily, you need a lighting repair expert that can quickly identify the light distribution techniques in different lighting units as well as how much light a unit loses through reflection and absorption. It is vital that your repair technician understands these two concepts as they ultimately affect the quality of the different types of repairs. You, therefore, need an electrical expert for lighting problems affecting these two lighting fields. Here are four more types of light fitting repairs that need an electrical repairs expert.

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  1. Power cord replacement for electric bulbs

When were your bulb’s cords condition last inspected? With age, the power cords to the lamps and other light units around the house become stiff and brittle. In most cases, the cable eventually cracks creating the danger of flaking off the wires, a situation that may lead to shocks or even a fire hazard. While most people will run for an insulation tape, it is advisable that you call in light fitting repair experts. They are best suited to offer guidance on the right type of power cord for the light unit depending on the bulb watts as well as experienced enough to identify quality power cable brands.

  1. Antique lamps maintenance

Most modern lamps have standardised watts usage limits, come fitted with standard power cords, and follow a conventional light distribution technique. On the other hand, the antique lamps and other lighting units are uniquely designed and require an experienced electrician to determine their power watts usage and match it with the necessary power cords if they are to function effectively. You will also need a light fitting repairs Melbourne technician when moving houses for removal and refitting of these antique lamps when moving houses.

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  1. Replacement of faulty table lamp sockets

Table lamp sockets aren’t impervious to faults and breakages. But as any experienced light fitting repairs expert would advise, in most cases the problem lies with the switch inside. Nonetheless, the only solution lies with the socket replacement. Attempts to dismantle the switch can cause further damages to the system leading to even more costly repairs or irreparable damages to the lamp. It is, therefore, advisable that you have it attended to by professional light fitters in Melbourne.

  1. Light units and bulbs repositioning

The efficiency of any light bulb is to a large extent determined by its positioning around the home. While some are supposed to reflect directly onto the working space, some are meant to bounce off their light from the ceilings or wall hangings. Depending on the quality of materials used, a proficient light fitting repairs Melbourne expert can comfortably advise of the correct application of different lamps as well as assist with their repositioning.


Hiring a qualified light fitting repairs expert to assist with various light problems can be quite not only saves you the time you would spend learning how to do it as well as the costs associated with the purchase of tools. It also shields you from accidental and more expensive, sometimes irreparable, damages to your lighting units and bulbs.

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What Not to Do: Three Ways to Damage Your Home Air Conditioner

So many articles will tell you how to keep your home air conditioner running in tip-top shape, in the most cost-efficient way possible. These how-to guides can go from containing simple and basic information to highly technical instructional articles.

But sometimes, all you really want to know is how not to mess up your brand new, recently installed home air conditioner. An air conditioning system is meant to last for over a decade, and keeping your air conditioner running doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, sometimes it’s easier to learn about what not to do instead of getting confused with all the complicated must-dos about air conditioner maintenance.

If you’ve just recently bought a new home air conditioner and would like to know how to keep it running smoothly without too much effort for the longest time possible, read on to find three things you absolutely shouldn’t do so that you don’t end up killing your air conditioner.

  1. Forgetting to Clean or Replace Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filter

air conditioning installationIt’s one of the easiest things you can do to keep your air conditioner in good condition, but for one reason or another, it’s probably one that so many of us forget to do, if not completely ignore.

Not cleaning your air filter means the flow of air through your air conditioner will be restricted, reducing your unit’s cooling capacity and ultimately forcing it to work harder to cool your home. Consequently, this shortens the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Put a regular schedule in your diary to check and inspect your air conditioner’s air filter. And if you’re too lazy or busy to do it yourself, hire an air conditioner service technician to do it for you.

  1.  Overworking Your Air Conditioner

When you’ve spent too many hours working non-stop at the office, you become exhausted and less productive. Unsurprisingly, your home air conditioner isn’t any different. Using it for extended periods of time can ultimately affect how it performs in the future.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t keep your air conditioner on whenever it’s needed, especially during really long and hot summer days. But there are different ways to ease up on your air conditioner even while it’s running. For instance, keeping your curtains or blinds closed on a hot sunny day while the air conditioner is running can reduce the heat that it needs to fight off. Keeping all your windows and closed also ensures the cool air your air conditioner produces remains in the space it’s supposed to cool, so it doesn’t have to work harder to keep the space at your desired temperature.

  1. Allowing Your Air Conditioner to Freeze and Get Ice Buildupair conditioning installation

There are numerous reasons why your air conditioner will suddenly have ice buildup. Whichever cause applies to your situation, the solution is the same across the board – turn the unit off immediately, allowing the ice to thaw, and contact your local air conditioner technician for assistance on how to repair the AC unit.

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Benefits of Warm Water Central Heating

A lot of homeowners are often reluctant to consider installing central heating in their homes for various reasons, the most common of which are that central heating is expensive, inconvenient to install and maintain, and complicated to control.

But these reasons are often misconceptions, and depending on the style and space of your home, warm water central heating can be a great option. If you are still not convinced, here are just a few of the many benefits of central heating and why you should consider it.

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  1. Warm water central heating can be effective, as it can keep your entire house warm! If you want your entire home to be heated, a system that provides warm water central heating would be ideal, as it does exactly that: a warm water central heating system can warm up your entire house.
  2. Warm water central heating can be efficient. Did you know that warm water transfers energy better than warm air? Water can transfer warmth at four times the rate of air, make warm water central heating systems much more efficient than their central air heating systems.
  3. Warm water central heating can be economical. Though installing and setting up a warm water central heating system can have relatively high costs, its longevity and long-term benefits make up for the initial costs.
  4. Warm water central heating does not produce noise, providing near-silent operations.
  5. Warm water central heating warms up your house quickly. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside – a warm water central heating system can warm a house within minutes of being turned on.
  6. Warm water central heating is safe to run and operate. Because there are no exposed elements or flammable parts, a warm water central heating system is ideal if you have children, elderly family members, and pets living in your home.
  7. Warm water central heating is easy to control. If you install a heating system in your home, it will most likely be programmable, as nearly all systems can be controlled on a thermostat.
  8. Warm water central heating can be customized. If you decide to have a warm water central heating system, the heating company will allow you to choose the heating requirements you want and that best suit the specifications of your home. They can also recommend a fully customized setup that would be the most ideal heating solution for your home.
  9. There are numerous warm water central heating options and functionalities to choose from. There is a wide range of heating systems available that differ in price, functionality and capacity. So there’s bound to be a heating system fit for your home!

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So that you further understand how a warm water central heating system works, it’s best to reach out to your neighbourhood provider. Provide them with a brief of your requirements and the size and other specifications of your home as well as the budget you have in mind and they can provide a tailor-fit recommendation for you.


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What Is The Expected Life Span Of A Split System Air Conditioning

No one undergoes the trouble of investing in a split air conditioner with the view of replacing it in after a few years. Especially considering the amount of initial investment required for these installation projects. The expected lifespan of a split system air conditioning should, therefore, be given thought when considering the type of system to invest in. But is there a standard number of years a system is expected to serve to your household?

While most companies attach a specific number of years the split system air conditioner is expected to last, most either exceed or fall before their due time. Though most HVAC manufacturers place the lifespan of their machines at between 15 and 20 years, service experts recommend you to consider replacing your system after every ten years.

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Factors determining a system’s lifespan

The biggest influence of the systems life expectancy is its expected wear and tear. In most cases, split system air conditioning manufacturers determine the system’s expected depreciation rate and in effect its expected lifespan. But does this lifespan always fit the company’s predictions? No, in almost every case, the longevity of an air conditioning system is primarily determined by factors outside the manufacturer’s control.

The system’s usage

When setting the industry lifespan, most manufacturers don’t expect the system owner to run it round the clock for several days. But with the unpredictable weather in Australia, most homeowners are forced to run this system the entire day and night for several consecutive days. This becomes a significant point of deviation from the company’s expected gradual depreciation.

Your system’s lifespan will, therefore, be determined by the level of usage you subject it to. In this regard, if the excessive usage continues, don’t expect the system to last you more than a decade. On the other hand, with minimal and only when needed usage, expect the system to outlast the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan.

Maintenance and level of care

The standard of attention accorded to the system as well as the maintenance levels it is corresponded primarily affects its lifespan. But how do you take care of your split system air conditioner? Subject it to regular, possibly monthly, professional maintenance service. Has it cleaned and partly replaced by an expert split system air conditioning service? This will not only improve the quality of the air you breathe but also increase its longevity.

A well-maintained system ensures its non-replaceable parts such as the condenser and blowers perform optimally and thus last longer than anticipated. Cleaner filters and functional ducts play a significant role in promoting the systems operational efficiency thereby ensuring they last longer.

Other factors

Several other factors such as the quality of installation and the system to house ratio also impact the life of the split system air conditioner. For instance, if the system wasn’t properly installed, it may develop operational inefficiencies that affect its usefulness.

Additionally, before a split system air conditioning installation, seek a professional opinion. Especially about the size of the AC required to cater to your home’s energy requirements adequately. If your system always overheats and stops working, this may be due to the fact that it doesn’t meet your home’s energy needs. Such a system is due to break down before its expected lifespan.
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When Should You Carry Out Air Conditioning Maintenance In Sydney CBD

Do you have a commercial property in Sydney CBD? How often do you have its air conditioning system maintained? The trickiest part when it comes to servicing air conditioning systems to properties in the ever-busy Sydney CBD is in finding the most appropriate time to do it. In fear of causing their tenant costly disruptions, some property owners lay low till the systems either becomes inefficient or break down.

Such inaction not only causes their tenant’s much more inconveniences but also makes maintenance expensive while decreasing the system’s longevity at the same time. Nonetheless, all this can be avoided by being more conscious about an appropriate timing that doesn’t hurt their convenience.

So what is the most appropriate time to carry out air conditioning in Sydney?

Over the weekends

During this period, most of the offices and other workplaces remain closed. This, therefore, is your best shot at carrying out thorough air conditioning system maintenance. The two-day break gives your air conditioner repair experts ample time to conduct the various operational efficiency checks regardless of the size of the building.

You only need to confirm the availability of your air conditioner experts. You will nevertheless note that their standard rate for weekend operations vary from significantly from the regular rates.

At night

You can also make arrangements with your air conditioning company to have them carry out the repairs at night. The fact that most businesses remain closed at this time gives your repair expert ample time to conduct an extensive repair or maintenance procedure on your system.

The nighttime air conditioning service is best for urgent repairs that can’t be carried out during the day and also can’t wait for the weekend. Additionally, the repair expert must be confident about detecting and solving the air conditioning problem within before daybreak to avoid inconveniencing the tenants. Night time is also the most convenient for businesses that operate all-week-through with minimal night operations like motels.

Over the holidays

Thinking about conducting thorough air conditioner maintenance and part replacements or the air con system overhaul? This is the most appropriate time. Just like you would schedule significant constructional repairs to be conducted over the holidays, it is also wise to have major air conditioner replacement projects carried out during this time.

The long holidays give you time to not only install the project but also run all the efficiency tests with minimal disruptions. It also gives your property caretakers adequate time to learn how to operate and maintain the system.

How to avoid costly AC repairs in Sydney CBD

Expensive repairs and AC part replacements are a result of prolonged periods of improper conditioner. But you can avoid such problems by hiring a full or part-time air conditioner maintenance professional for your property. These regularly clean and replace system parts like filters. The fact they are always available makes it possible to address any air condition concerns raised by the property occupants before they get out of hand.

Air conditioning Sydney CBD doesn’t have to be complicated. With simple organisation, proper communication, and planning with your repairs expert, you can settle on the most appropriate air conditioner repair time.

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Air Conditioning Repair 101: The Unit Won’t Turn On

Our air conditioning unit is equipment that we cannot live without. Whether at home or at work, our bodies long for the comfort it gives. That is why we make sure that our ACU functions properly and efficiently. However, there will come a time when our good old ACU will begin to feel “tired”.

An air conditioning unit that is not regularly cleaned will surely gather dust and dirt and will clog your unit, causing poor cooling function. Over time, your unit will be hard up until it will just stop working.  To avoid complications in the future, it is best to make it a habit to clean your air conditioning unit regularly. Give particular attention to its filters and coils. Cleanliness of these parts greatly affects the quality of air your ACU emits.

What are you supposed to do now that your air conditioning unit won’t turn on? Instinctively you check if the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet. If it is plugged, then look for ac troubleshooting.

Check the condenser outside – is it working? Inspect the thermostat: it might not be set properly to cool. Setting the thermostat to five to ten degrees lower might be the answer.

If these things do not solve the problem, I suggest that you go over the fuse or circuit breaker, either they are blown or tripped. These do-it-yourself tricks are helpful for the neophyte in you, simple and easy to do.

After looking at the above suggestions and still your beloved ACU isn’t working, it’s time to go to the manual.

The Owner’s Manual can give us the solution to some of our ACU’s problems, but it is not a “know-it-all” thing. Maybe it is human nature that we try to find the possible solutions to the problems of the world that we tend to speed things up, avoid the hassle of calling the more experienced aircon technician. In other words, we try to fix what’s wrong with the ACU on our own. And if we are not knowledgeable enough, oftentimes the problem becomes worse, so we finally give in and contact the nearest available help – the air conditioning specialists.

An experienced technician gives you with details on why your unit isn’t turning on and then provides a solution –whether to repair or replace, just to mention a few.

After checking your unit, he may notice some problems such as a frozen coil, as well as issues of the compressor and motor. Since these parts are sealed components, calling Mr Aircon Specialist is a great decision. Trust him to provide the solution and bring back your ACU in its good working condition, never mind the fees his expertise entails. After all, we will get what we pay for his services. Nice one, huh?

In the end, whether we fix it ourselves or have it serviced by a competent serviceman, what is important is that we brought back our good old air conditioning unit to its usual self. Yay!

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4 Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance is Important

An HVAC system is similar to a car. It requires regular maintenance. A properly working HVAC system will keep your home cool and cosy for many years. Here are the main reasons why you should invest in your HVAC maintenance.

Reduce bills

When an HVAC system runs efficiently, your electricity, heating and cooling costs will be reduced. It will prevent major costly repairs or replacements.

Healthy air

A well maintained HVAC will not only warm or cool your home, but it will also give you healthy air. When you have clean filters and coils, it will give clean air to breathe. If your HVAC is not maintained, dirt and molds can accumulate and make your air unhealthy. It can cause respiratory problems.

Makes the system last longer

If you regularly do maintenance work of your HVAC system, it will function well and last longer. Installing a new HVAC can be expensive. Maintenance is affordable, so you should regularly check the condition of your HVAC.

More efficient

An HVAC system that is maintained well will run more efficiently. According to research, unmaintained HVAC units need to work 20% harder to get the same amount of cooling or heating as a well maintained HVAC system.  So, less energy is needed to run an HVAC that goes through regular maintenance. There will be less wear and tear.

Regular maintenance will keep your HVAC in good condition. Even if repair is needed, it will be minor and less costly. So, maintain your HVAC regularly and make your home more energy efficient and healthy.

4 Common Plumbing Problems That You Have In Your House

Plumbing problems in a house are very common. It is an important part of our house, and we cannot stay long without fixing it. Here are the most common plumbing problems we have in our home.

The tap

There is nothing worst like coming home from work and finding that you have no running water. Your main water valve may be turned off, or you may have burst pipes. If burst pipes go unnoticed, then zinc will erode from the galvanised pipes that will cause the air pressure to go down. If your tap drips, then it’s an indication that you many need to replace the washers.

The toilet

Your toilet flush may not work. This is an indication of partial blockage within the plumbing system. Another problem that commonly occurs is that your toilet runs continuously and this indicates that new float or washer may be necessary.

Gas or water bills


If you find your gas or water bills increase suddenly, then there must be some problem with your HVAC system. There may be hidden leak or faucet that runs constantly. You should check out your boiler.

Floorboard puddles

You may suddenly find your floorboard to be soft to walk on. This indicates that there is blockage floor drain and it can be due to various reasons. This is an emergency situation and must be dealt with immediately.

Plumbing problems are serious problems. These problems need to be fixed immediately. So, if you want to live in a stress-free environment, you should do regular checks on your plumbing systems. You must keep the contact number of a handyman or home services company so that you can call them whenever you need them.

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Top 5 Tips For Reducing The Energy Bills Of Your Home

The energy bills keep on increasing. With some expert’s advice, you can easily reduce your energy bills. Here are some tips for reducing the energy bills of your home.

Switch energy supplier

You can switch your energy supplier and save hundreds of dollars a month on your energy bills. You should compare the various energy suppliers and choose one that gives you the best deal. There are many sites available that provide comparisons between the suppliers. You must remember that you get the highest savings when you pay by monthly direct debit.

Turn off the thermostat

By reducing room temperatures by 10C, you can cut the heating bills significantly. It is better to put on a jumper rather than turning up the heating. You can turn down the radiators in empty rooms or rooms that you don’t use much. Now you can get smart thermostats in the market that will let you control the temperature from a remote location.

Replace light bulbs

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You can use energy saving light bulbs rather than normal bulbs. This will help you to cut bills easily. They use 90% less energy than the traditional ones. Energy saving light bulbs also last longer than normal light bulbs.

Install a new boiler

You can save your bills by replacing our old gas boiler with a new one. Today’s boilers are very sophisticated and have programmable modules that allow better control.

Home insulation

You can insulate your cavity walls and save lots of money. You can also go for solid wall insulation, and it will also save you a lot of money. You can replace your old window with double glazing ones to save on your energy bills.

Besides these tips, you should make it a regular habit not to waste energy. For example, make sure your switch of your lights before leaving home; or, set the temperature of the thermostat to what is necessary. This way you will save a lot of money on your energy bills.

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Save Money on Your Air-conditioner Unit This Summer

The average home in Australia spends hundreds of dollars on energy bills every year. As summer temperature starts rising, the humidity makes it worse to live and work even in your indoor environment. Then turning your air conditioner on becomes an absolute must that adds up to your energy bills. However, with some effective measures, you can still stay cool as well as save money on your energy cost.

Using your air conditioner wisely and properly will help you cut back unnecessary energy use while saving money. Here are some tips you may consider to help you keep your energy bills as low as possible on your air conditioner:

Use a programmable thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat to set desired temperatures differently during day and night as well as when you are out can save energy considerably. When you are home, 25-26 degree Celsius is normally considered the ideal temperature to balance energy cost and comfort. Maintaining air movement by using ceiling or room fans is also helpful, allowing the thermostat to set higher. When you are away, you can turn up your thermostat setting or switch it off.


Keep your air filter clean

With dirt or dust accumulated on the AC’s filter, air can’t pass properly, making your AC’s motor work harder that eventually results in higher energy consumption. So whether you have a window unit or a central AC, it is important to clean your air filter regularly and change it every three months.

Have regular maintenance

Many homeowners simply let your AC units running without realising that they need regular maintenance to boost efficiency, just like a routine car servicing. Air conditioning service is highly crucial to check and fix any evolving problems timely, including changing the air filter, cleaning the coils, sealing leaky ducts, etc, that primarily helps make your unit energy-efficient and prevent extensive repairs as well.

Replace older AC

Air conditioners don’t last forever. Your AC’s performance reduces overtime. So if your air conditioning system is old enough, replacing it should save you money, while also increasing efficiency, comfort and healthfulness for your home.