What Is The Expected Life Span Of A Split System Air Conditioning

No one undergoes the trouble of investing in a split air conditioner with the view of replacing it in after a few years. Especially considering the amount of initial investment required for these installation projects. The expected lifespan of a split system air conditioning should, therefore, be given thought when considering the type of system to invest in. But is there a standard number of years a system is expected to serve to your household?

While most companies attach a specific number of years the split system air conditioner is expected to last, most either exceed or fall before their due time. Though most HVAC manufacturers place the lifespan of their machines at between 15 and 20 years, service experts recommend you to consider replacing your system after every ten years.

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Factors determining a system’s lifespan

The biggest influence of the systems life expectancy is its expected wear and tear. In most cases, split system air conditioning manufacturers determine the system’s expected depreciation rate and in effect its expected lifespan. But does this lifespan always fit the company’s predictions? No, in almost every case, the longevity of an air conditioning system is primarily determined by factors outside the manufacturer’s control.

The system’s usage

When setting the industry lifespan, most manufacturers don’t expect the system owner to run it round the clock for several days. But with the unpredictable weather in Australia, most homeowners are forced to run this system the entire day and night for several consecutive days. This becomes a significant point of deviation from the company’s expected gradual depreciation.

Your system’s lifespan will, therefore, be determined by the level of usage you subject it to. In this regard, if the excessive usage continues, don’t expect the system to last you more than a decade. On the other hand, with minimal and only when needed usage, expect the system to outlast the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan.

Maintenance and level of care

The standard of attention accorded to the system as well as the maintenance levels it is corresponded primarily affects its lifespan. But how do you take care of your split system air conditioner? Subject it to regular, possibly monthly, professional maintenance service. Has it cleaned and partly replaced by an expert split system air conditioning service? This will not only improve the quality of the air you breathe but also increase its longevity.

A well-maintained system ensures its non-replaceable parts such as the condenser and blowers perform optimally and thus last longer than anticipated. Cleaner filters and functional ducts play a significant role in promoting the systems operational efficiency thereby ensuring they last longer.

Other factors

Several other factors such as the quality of installation and the system to house ratio also impact the life of the split system air conditioner. For instance, if the system wasn’t properly installed, it may develop operational inefficiencies that affect its usefulness.

Additionally, before a split system air conditioning installation, seek a professional opinion. Especially about the size of the AC required to cater to your home’s energy requirements adequately. If your system always overheats and stops working, this may be due to the fact that it doesn’t meet your home’s energy needs. Such a system is due to break down before its expected lifespan.
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