4 Common Plumbing Problems That You Have In Your House

Plumbing problems in a house are very common. It is an important part of our house, and we cannot stay long without fixing it. Here are the most common plumbing problems we have in our home.

The tap

There is nothing worst like coming home from work and finding that you have no running water. Your main water valve may be turned off, or you may have burst pipes. If burst pipes go unnoticed, then zinc will erode from the galvanised pipes that will cause the air pressure to go down. If your tap drips, then it’s an indication that you many need to replace the washers.

The toilet

Your toilet flush may not work. This is an indication of partial blockage within the plumbing system. Another problem that commonly occurs is that your toilet runs continuously and this indicates that new float or washer may be necessary.

Gas or water bills


If you find your gas or water bills increase suddenly, then there must be some problem with your HVAC system. There may be hidden leak or faucet that runs constantly. You should check out your boiler.

Floorboard puddles

You may suddenly find your floorboard to be soft to walk on. This indicates that there is blockage floor drain and it can be due to various reasons. This is an emergency situation and must be dealt with immediately.

Plumbing problems are serious problems. These problems need to be fixed immediately. So, if you want to live in a stress-free environment, you should do regular checks on your plumbing systems. You must keep the contact number of a handyman or home services company so that you can call them whenever you need them.