The Importance of Proper Home Rewiring

Fire as a result of electrical faults has severe consequences and can cause serious injuries. If a building or property has been standing for more than 25 years old, it is very crucial to check its wiring system. Even before buying a property you should consider the cost of wiring installation and renovation of the house.

You should be in a position to tell if a property has been rewired of late by inspecting the exposed wiring parts and the fuses in the circuit breaker or main meter. If the wiring is not the modernized coated type of PVCu, then you should do the rewiring. How then should a good home electrical rewiring be done and when should be done? Let us explore more.

electrical wiring

Signs of Faulty Electrical Wiring

Any electrical system will frequently display warning signs in case there are problems with it. It is important to call an electrician to solve the faults. These signs include:

  • Frequent flickering lights or dimming lights indicate that there is an overload or there is a loose connection somewhere.
  • An electrical panel that has been over fused
  • An electrical shock when you are plugging a cord
  • Discoloured switches, plugs, and cords
  • Buzzing noise and burning smell
  • Frequently blown fuses
  • A frequent burn of light bulbs in their holders
  • Outlets that are loose
  • Sparks whenever you are plugging or unplugging a cord
  • Insulation that is broken

When Rewiring Should be Done

Carry out often inspection on your electrical system so as to know when rewiring should be done. When then should the rewiring be done in a property?

The following are the situations that answer the question:

  • If your home has the wiring of aluminium instead of copper
  • In case your property is has been in place for 25 years or more – upgrading will bring it to the modern standards because the wiring may be very hazardous when it comes to the high voltages in demand in our modern society. Poor wiring installation may result in electrical fires.
  • If the extension cords are your main power supply
  • If you have new or added electrical appliances in your home that needs power
  • If you are planning on working on an interior remodelling that involves material changes. This means you may need rewiring in one part or the whole of the place.

electrical wiring

Before Rewiring

There are 3 steps to follow before starting your rewiring. They include:

  • Make Sure You Plan Carefully

Rewiring can be very disruptive and messy if not well planned for. Planning is in two stages; first before fixing and installing wires, secondly after joining everything and you want to know where to fix the sockets and switches.

  • Always Think About the Future Usage

In our modern society, the current usage is very high. Therefore, consider the usage before rewiring.

  • Vacate the room if possible

This enables the electrician to have ample space to do their work.

In conclusion, it is crucial to calculate the cost before electrical rewiring. Always involve a qualified electrician for fast and reliable electrical services.