Signs the Electrician You Hired is a Scam

It doesn’t matter how great the quality of work that went into your home’s electrical systems upon installation: at some point, you as a homeowner will have to deal with problems that will require electrical repairs. And when that time comes, you’ll need to call for Melbourne electrician.

To ensure the quality of the electrical repairs in your home, you’ll need a quality electrician east Melbourne at the right cost. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell if your electrical contractor Melbourne is going to provide solid work or will just scam you. Read on to learn about signs that the electrician you hired might be a scam.

1. They pressure you into hiring them with scare tactics and an exaggerated worst-case scenario

Scamming electricians will quickly (and sometimes haphazardly) look at the electrical repairs required in your home and put pressure on you by claiming that if you don’t get the problems fixed immediately by him, you will encounter a whole host of bigger problems, perhaps even putting yourself and the residents of your home in danger.

It’s this kind of fear-mongering that you shouldn’t fall for. Remember that a quality electrician with good intentions will calmly explain the situation to you, instead of hyping up the possible dangers and worst-case scenario.
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2. The electrician keeps changing the costs for the project and won’t provide a proper breakdown of his cost proposal

Any electrician who refuses to submit a cost breakdown for the work he is proposing is already pretty dubious. Additionally, if he only gives you an estimated total cost for the electrical repairs your home needs, and you find that this total cost changes continuously, you might have a scammer in your hands.

A professional electrician will first do a thorough inspection and review of the electrical problems in your home and provide a recommendation for the fixes he’ll need to make, which will include a detailed breakdown of the costs that will be incurred. If the electrician you want to hire can’t seem to come up with a proper cost proposal, you might be dealing with someone incompetent or worse, a scammer.

3. Your electrician wants to get paid upfront for the project

When you are availing of a service, the common practice is to provide payment after the service has been made, not before. This is true for electricians as well. If your electrician is claiming he needs the payment for your project upfront, asking for credit card details upon your first meeting or saying they’ll need the payment in a cast before they start getting work done, you are likely to be dealing with a scheming electrician. Remember: never pay for a service that has yet to be provided, and never provide your credit card details until it’s time to pay.

4. Your electrician keeps talking in technical terms you don’t understand

Good, well-meaning residential electrical contractors will be able to explain the electrical problems in your home in simple, non-technical terms to his clients, instead of spewing jargon a non-electrician wouldn’t understand. This is a technique some scheming electricians do in order to confuse their clients into agreeing to their price and awarding them the project.

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