Signs You are Due for Ducted Heating Service

Is your thermostat giving off cold air rather than warm? Does your ducted heating system provide overheated air? Is your electricity bill off the charts? You might be due for ducted heating service.

A ducted heating system works seamlessly for years, providing you with warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. But sometimes things feel a little off like you start coughing often.

All too often, we use these electric air conditioning systems to keep our homes warm and don’t remember to service or repair them. Well, you should take them for repairs as soon as they exhibit the typical signs. 

Read further below and learn about the ducted heater repairs.

Ducted Heating Repairs 

Many technicians advise people to regularly take their ducted heating systems for service to maintain their durability and prevent themselves from health problems. 

If you’ve been wondering why, here’s an elaboration on signs to look out for, to know the air conditioner is due for repair. Plus, you will learn about what happens during the repair and side effects of not taking for repair.

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Signs You are Due for Ducted Heating Service 

Paying keen attention to your heating system, you should notice some of these signs that will tell you to rush the system for a repair.

  • Adverse temperatures – this is when the heater gives off cold air when it’s supposed to emit warm or hot air.
  • Slower airwaves. Similar to the shower, the heater has a specific pressure point. A pace the heater follows when emitting air. If it’s slower, it needs repair.
  • Audible noises from the machine.
  • Funny smells emitting from the heater like something burning or gas-like odour.
  • Build up of debris, dust, or mould.
  • Extreme heat conditions conducting to surrounding areas. 

Ducted Heating Repair Procedure

When you take it for repair, there are specific methods used to clean and fix it. Some are technical, but others are pretty straightforward. Before any technical repairs are done, an inspection has to be conducted to source for any problems.

The inspection could determine if you need a replacement of parts or the entire system. The service will include;

  • Testing of the performance efficiency of the heater.
  • Inspection on the body to check for any dents, cracks, or other elements.
  • The gas duct will be inspected.
  • Cleaning of the fan, filters, and inside vents.
  • Testing the gases emitted if they’re safe. The burner and ignition are lit, and once the air is out, the gas is tested for poisonous gases.

Most repairs might end up with just a cleanup that could have caused blockage and a change in the gas pressure. The ventilation system could also have been affected by the mould, causing the emission of the harmful gas.

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Side Effect of Negligence 

It’s one story to be busy and unable to take the heater for repair, but it’s a different story to be negligent. The machine can have serious side effects on your health including;

● Poisoning from harmful gases. A common gas emitted from faulty ducted heaters is carbon monoxide. Prolonged exposure to this gas can cause serious damage to your lungs and respiratory system.

● Allergies – asthmatic patients have specific triggers, including dust and other dangerous humidifiers. In such cases, you will experience a lot of coughing, chest pains, and wheezing.

Children and older adults are very vulnerable and likely to be affected by such machines. To avoid these health issues, its advisable to perform a regular ducted heating service.

Book a Repair Today

The main reason for purchasing the ducted heater was to keep your home warm and comfortable. As so, you have to maintain the peace by regularly repairing and servicing the machine. Keep it hygienic, safe, and performance effective.

If you suspect the ducted heater is faulty or it may need some cleaning, consult a professional or request a quote for servicing and repair.