Why is Ducted Heating Systems Critical in Your Home

Heating and cooling system is one of the methods of the most expensive system found in a home. Its benefits are immeasurable, especially during the winter season when the rooms require adequate heating throughout the day. Just like other household equipment, your heating system requires regular maintenance to ensure that they are in the right conditions for safe and efficient usage. Support, however, should not be done by inexperienced personnel. Always contact a well-experienced maintenance company to ensure that quality work is guaranteed in the services offered. 

Why is Ducted heating systems critical in your home?

Ducted heating systems will provide warm air throughout your entire house. These systems are suitable for new homes, though they can also be tailored for existing homes. Once installed in your home, only the discharge, return air grill controller will be visible inside the house the rest will be a secluded area.

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Note that ducted heating systems require regular maintenance just like any household devices. It is recommended to seek the services of experienced, friendly technicians. The professional technicians will handle both small and big ducted repair issues at affordable prices.

Types of ducted heating systems

The ducted heating system is categorised into two, split ducted systems & split a console. 

1. Split ducted systems

The system comprises two parts.

-The air handling unit used in roof space for indoor units of the ducted system

-The condenser system. For outdoor systems requiring better ventilation. Placed against outer walls of the house

The split ducted systems are currently available in both the fixed speeds and inverter. For the fixed rate, the speed is constant while the inverter the speed is variable according to the temperature required in the house.

2. The Split console

Split console systems. They are fitted close to flush with the ceiling while others close to the floor. Suitable for a few rooms. 

What comprises in ducted heating systems maintenance and repair?

  • Fan assembly checkup such as cleaning and removing the worn out parts
  • Burner assembly cleaning, removing worn out and replaced with new ones
  • Heat exchanger checkup to identify cracks, holes or other fractures that could be causing heat loss
  • Gas pressure checking
  • Entire system testing to ensure all parts are functioning perfectly
  • Pilot ignition and front burner checkup to ensure no leaking happening
  • Carbon monoxide testing, a compulsory test to ensure that no leaking of the poisonous gas is happening in your house.
  • Airflows are checking to ensure better circulation of the air in the system.
  • Component replacement especially for the worn out parts
  • Evaporative Cooling

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Water system checking; Water reservoir checkup

  1. Clean out the tank
  2. Water distribution pipes cleaning
  3. V belt tension checkup and cleaning
  4. Test fan operation
  5. Check pads
  6. Test water levels
  7. Entire water component testing

Split System Checkup.

  1. Thermostat operation checkup
  2. Filters cleanup
  3. Test fan operation and testing
  4. Testing operating temperatures
  5. Pressures checkup of the entire system where necessary

Overall component testing

  1. Test Airflows
  2. Preventative replacement of component if necessary
  3. Cooling system testing

Hydronic Heating

  1. Panels and airlocks checkup
  2. Gas pressure checker
  3. Test all components
  4. Test water temperatures
  5. Preventative component replacement 


Ducted heating services are essential for every home, especially during the winter when heating is inevitable for warm living conditions. However, when this system requires regular maintenance to ensure the safety and efficiency of the system. Consider having your ducted heating system maintained today at affordable prices.